Intuitive Development Class

This development class is for $ 200 per session.
Intuitive Development is the learned mental skill of using the right-side of your brain and increasing your awareness, power, and productivity. Intuitive Development is a fine tuning of your inner senses. It is an easy-to-learn self awareness technique that enables individuals to increase their personal effectiveness and peace of mind. Patricia and her assistant teachers can teach you exactly how the process works, and how to use it for yourself. Lengthy training is not necessary.
Through the practiced use of concentration, special breathing rhythms, complete relaxation and naturally heightened awareness, you can work with both sides of the brain in perfect integration, accessing energy patterns and perceptions that you had previously ignored – consciously or unconsciously. This means you no longer need to limit the full potential of your life.

12 Step Mediumship Course

6 classes over 6 months, the average student takes a year to complete this course.
This course will cost you $ 650 .
*Must complete Intuitive development class first
Mediumship’s three components, Reading vs. Message, Charging money for readings, Reasons not to charge money for a reading, Seven written sources of information on Mediumship, Messages for one’s self, Physical death messages, Two categories of Mediumship, Mental Mediumship: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, and Clairscent, Light trance, Inspirational speaking, Prophecy, Psychometry (energy forms, readable patterns), Inspirational Writing, Electro-mortal or Magnetic healing, Spiritual healing, Readings can be Healings, Rescue of Lost and Ignorant Souls, Earthbound Spirits, Physical Mediumship, Full-Trance Automatic Speaking, Full-Trance Automatic Writing, Full trance dangers and how to avoid them, Raps and Table-tipping,, Transfiguaration and Etherialization, Independent or Direct Voice with trumpet, Independent or Direct voice without trumpet, Materialization, Apports, kundalini, poltergeist, Law of Vibration and Mediumship, Law of Cause and Effect, Karma and Mediumship, Law of Creative Reality and Mediumship, Law of Attraction and Mediumship, Thought Forms, Mind or Brain, Aura, Colors in the aura, scripture references to Mediumship, Spirituality and Mediumship, Interpretation of Messages, Development circle-Home Circle, Spirit Helpers, Trinity of Humankind, Origin of the soul and the concept of its eternal nature, Anapana, breathwork, Silent meditation, Color meditation, Chakra meditation, Body chemistry changes for focus and unfoldment, Third-eye concentration, Chanting to focus mind on sound vibration of high quality, Toning helps to focus the mind to high quality, Prayer helps to focus mind on vibration of high quality, Guidance from your guides in spirit , Your spirit band, Seven-Step Manifestation, mastering of the body, Attitudes for effective spiritual growth, Mediumship is beyond psychic development, meditation: Endocrine glands and mediumship development, Chakras, Symbolic color of spectrum, and positive attribute energies, Affirmation exercises for Mediumship, Stand-up Mediumship, being the Mediumship in development circles, Mini-readings and much more.

Mediumship: 12 Lessons is successfully completed with a reading arranged by your teacher. This reading must have at least one evidence of a deceased loved one for a client unknown to the student. The teacher will evaluate the reading on the basis of the evaluation form included in he course and decide if the student is ready to continue. The teacher will allow the student to continue when all the criteria of the evaluation form (uplifting, positive, helpful) are successfully completed in one phone reading.

A certificate upon successful completion of this class will be provided

Classes in person

This Class is in person (5 classes) $ 500 (Beginner/Intermediate level)
What does it mean to ‘divine’ information and why do it? How can you know what is in divine order for yourself and for others? Read examples of how to divine information and a little about the history of divination. Any pitfalls to psychic work?…. plus more
Feeling Love While Doing Readings, Creating a Pathway to The Divine; The Various Levels of Psychics…and more
A valuable personal story about TRUST from one of my earliest psychic classes…and more
Blending of Conscious mind ~ merging with Higher Mind. Unity Consciousness–talking to trees, plants & animals. Attitude & the Egoic Mind. Allowing Higher Mind to Speak Directly Through You. The Ultimate Goal…plus more
This lesson talks you through receiving your first psychic message. Step-by-step instructions and “how to’s” for giving a psychic reading! … plus more ~ Audio Included
The Dance of Thoughts & Feeling-Energy; Psychometry exercises; Walking ‘as’ someone else; Give yourself permission to be GREAT; The psychic door; Attunement; Merging; High Energy Symptoms; Inspirational Writing vs Automatic;Defining various levels of mind… plus more
Here’s an artistic, creative exercise to do before we go back into the depths of psychic development work–this little fun activity help you receive a MESSAGE from your SOUL!
Working with Symbols; Developing an EAR; Desire Stimulating Outcome; Hearing Voices; The Still, Small Voice Within; Trust; Guardian Angels…plus more
Coaching on Practice Exercises; Your Spiritual Ideal; Channeling; Mediumship; Kundilini Energy; Dark or Negative Energy; Added Info on Inspirational Writing as it Applies to the topic of Channeling; Self-Hypnosis; Skepticism…plus more
Suggestions for creating attunement; including crystals, incense, dance, aromatherapy, music; Final Meditation Guidelines; Suggested Psychic Practice Exercise …plus more
Testing psychics; Imagination, a psychic’s tool; Where to begin if you want a career as a psychic; Final word on Spirit Guides; The Messiah trap; and More
The goal of this course is to assist the student to re-connect with, to re-member and to trust their innate [inborn] ability to be in harmony with divine mind in all areas of their life and specifically for the purpose of “doing readings” for the benefit of self and others, thereby increasing self-awareness, intuitive ability & connections to Spirit Guides.

Students must be willing to accept and appreciate that much of the educational material in this course originates from the personal, first-hand experience of the instructor and the education given by many of her own previous psychic and medium teachers. This class will give you everything you need to reach any psychic goal. Additionally, much of the course-coaching is very appropriate for those who desire to develop a career as a professional psychic.

Special Note to Student: This course is detailed, in depth an will give you everything you need to fully explore the area of psychic and intuitive development and to know more about the subject of divination. It’s is not a course of general information.

MEDITATION is a very important part of a successful outcome in this course and a daily meditation practice–even just 5 to 15 minutes daily–is highly beneficial to the success of the psychic exercises!

Students may also like to consider taking this class with a friend in order to enhance their enjoyment and to increase their benefit from the course work.

Please note that it doesn’t matter how much beforehand knowledge you have about the person to whom you will give your message work. The psychic practice exercises are designed in such a way that this is not a factor.

Students will be exposed to learning through the stories and shared experiences of the teacher and her teachers before her. Information is given in both written form and verbal from Tara.

Students must have at least a high school reading and writing level to feel comfortable and successful.

Aside from all of this, the most important
requirement is your enthusiastic interest in
communicating with higher levels of mind!

Mindful Meditation

We are starting a Mindfulness Meditation Class no experience is necessary and all are welcome. Details on the class are below:

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Coming Soon:

Join Tara Grossi for mindfulness meditation classes where you will learn ancient yogic techniques to help quiet the mind.  Through the practice of guided meditation, you will gain greater clarity, calmness and insight in facing your everyday experiences – even life’s challenges can be transformed into occasions for self-exploration, deepening your personal strength and wisdom.  Stress melts away when we quiet the mind and meditate.